Evan Singer

Product Manager, Fantasy Football at National Football League


BSBA in Marketing, University of Arizona, 2010

What do you feel the marketing department best prepared you for in your professional career?      

My applied experiences from being on the NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition) team and the MKTG 425 Advertising Management project, where we won the National Marketing Competition for the Campaign that was created for the Honda Insight. Anyone can perform in the classroom, but the tangible project/campaign and putting those tactics to work to garner real results is what employers look for.

What experience(s) as a college student helped you pick the career path you are in? 

My advertising competition teams (NSAC and Honda Insight Marketing Campaign for MKTG 425) led me to where I am today.

Any words of advice for future Eller Marketing majors?   

Do as many things outside of the classroom as you possibly can. Try and work on projects or internships that require you to create some form of a deck or presentation book. Take that book on your interviews to demonstrate what you have accomplished. Everyone can sound good in an interview. It's hard for an employer to know who is being genuine. If you have an actual book that illustrates a successful project, you're instantly more impressive than anyone else who just has a resume.

Also, do as many informational interviews as you can. I averaged one a week in my second semester of my senior year. Pretty soon I started building a network of people in the industry who were rooting for me. I genuinely wanted to learn about their agency and the world of advertising, versus just asking for a job.

Can you describe a positive experience that you may have had with the faculty of the Marketing department?  

Dr. Ackerley was integral part of my personal development. He trusted me to make my own decisions and lead our advertising class to where I thought was best. After we won the National Marketing Competition for Honda, we presented to the Eller Board of Directors and Karl Eller himself. Karl then stated that in 50 years of being in the marketing and advertising industry, our presentation was the single-handedly the best presentation he's ever seen. That compliment was almost more humbling than winning the actual competition.