Eller Professional Sales Club Takes on National Competition

Eller Professional Sales Club Takes on National Competition
April 06, 2016

National Collegiate Sales Competition NCSC

The NCSC undergraduate competition is a basic sales call skills challenge.  The competition is an elimination style tournament where all participants compete in the opening round. During the first round all competitors call on the same fictional organization and sell the same product. This round includes nine different flights with up to eight competitors, who have the same set of judges and same prospect/buyer. Top scoring performers move on to the Quarter-Final round. The other competitors continue via a Wildcard round or bracket, immediately following the opening round. Wildcard winners also move on to the Quarter-Final round. All rounds of competition are “seeded.”  The opening round is seeded according to the results of past NCSC rankings of the university while the following rounds are seeded according to how the individual competitors perform in their previous round.
















The Competition

Marketing minor Emily Bregger finished at the top of her first round, bypassing the need for a second round and immediately advancing to the quarter finals. Marketing minor Johnny Managbanag completed the first and second rounds but didn’t advance to the quarter finals.

Competition from that point on was fierce, and all but four of the 134 students competing were subsequently eliminated. Marketing lecturer and Sales Club Advisor, Sam Williams, judged seven students in the first round, and said they were all far better than those he had judged the prior year. Meaning: seasoned coaches are now training their competitors to a razor sharp edge and that finishing in the top four is now approaching vanishingly small odds. 

Marketing majors Irina Krstic and Skyler Bell attended as alternates. Junior John Winchester and entering Juniors Juan Carlos Jimenez and Hannah De Santo attended as trainees for next year’s NCSC.


Jobs and Internships

It was estimated that our team as a whole garnered about 15 - 20 job offers, possibly more, not to mention opportunities for summer internships. Emily received six offers and accepted one from VMware in Austin, TX, as a Business Development Consultant! Not to mention that offers are still coming in for all of our club members! Recruiters told Sam Williams repeatedly how impressed they were with our team, especially with the quality of Members’ performance during interviews.

Most likely this was due to the practice that all Members had invested in creating Visumes, each of which contained best of class answers to 3 – 4 commonly asked questions (see  below).

Two weeks prior to the NCSC Club Members identified the companies that interested them the most and e-mailed recruiters links to their LinkedIn profiles and Visumes.

Many Members set up interviews well in advance.


The Sutdents

Link to Visume, Resume

General Information

Skyler Bell

Senior, Marketing Major, past Club President, 2 time NCSC participant, interested in working in San Diego

Kelley Rovi

Junior, MIS major, 2 time NCSC participant, Sales Club VP, Director of Curriculum Development

Irena Krstic

Senior, Marketing Major, NCSC Alternate, ACSC Contestant

Andrew Haft

Senior, Public Health & Business Administration, NCSC Alternate, ACSC Contestant

Emily Bregger

Senior, Communication Major, Marketing Minor, interested in working in Austin, 2 time NCSC Competitor

John Winchester

Junior, Physiology Major, health care and sciences vertical

Hannah DeSanto

Entering Junior, Director of Club’s Video Production Team and the Club’s Videographer

Juan Carlos Jimenez        

Entering Junior, Co-Director of Club’s Video Production Team, Developer of WipeOut!, a sales training game

Jonathan Managbanag

Senior, Communications Major, Marketing Minor



Interested in joining the Eller Professional Sales Club? No, you do not have to be an Eller student or major/minor in marketing! Contact Sam Williams