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Marketing Minor

Marketing Minor StudentsPrepare for Success

The Marketing Department at the Eller College offers a minor for non-business students who want to supplement their degree with a minor that is quick, practical, and full of opportunity.

Students will learn how to: reach their target market, communicate effectively, create customer value, and transform their passion into profit.

"I wanted to specifically carry a minor that I knew would boost my chances of life-long success. The Marketing Minor offers real-world experiences that cannot be duplicated in any classroom setting. The structure employed by the professors is uniquely designed to provide an ample amount of marketing experience." - Russ Soza, Marketing Minor '12

One Summer & Done

The 18-unit program is designed so that all admitted students will be registered for the courses simultaneously and be able to complete the program in one summer. Admission to the minor program is competitive.

The Marketing Department is consistently ranked highly when compared to marketing departments at peer business schools. The department is committed to offering a quality learning experience for non-business students wanting to add marketing education to their major course of study.

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Program Benefits

Guaranteed Registration: You can be pre-registered in all required courses so that completion of the minor is not dependent on gaining admission to the needed classes that might be closed.

Fast Completion: The entire minor can be completed in one summer of full-time attendance (the presession classes can be taken during the fall or spring semesters if you can register in those two classes using regular registration).

Cohort System: You will take the core classes with the same cohort of students which is the typical method for MBA programs. Working with the same students allows team learning and social networking.

Admission: Admission to the program is competitive, applications are accepted during the fall and Spring semesters. Fall and spring admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis (approximately monthly) until all seats are filled in the spring.

Commitments: The Marketing Department will make it possible for admitted students to complete the Marketing Minor in one summer. As a marketing minor student, you must commit to registering for the entire block of courses in one summer. Spreading courses over two summers is not allowed because a new cohort will be entering then.

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Course Requirements


Complete one course from the following:

  • ECON 200 Principles of Economics (3) Offered Online
  • ACCT 200 Intro to Financial Accounting (3)
  • ACCT 250 Survey of Accounting (3)


  • BNAD 303 Marketing Concepts & Tools (3) Offered Online/Winter/Pre-Session

Core Courses

  • MKTG 304 Marketing Information & Analysis (2)
  • MKTG 306 Marketing & Human Behavior (2)
  • MKTG 307 Creative Advertising (2)
  • MKTG 308 Personal Selling (2)
  • MKTG 309 Marketing Communication Tools (2)
  • MKTG 310 Marketing Planning & Execution (2)

    TOTAL: 18 units

Additional information on requirements:

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Applying to the Marketing Minor Program is a fast process with NO application fee. Applications are accepted until the last week of April before the Summer Pre-session begins. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis so that you will know your status within a short period of time after your submission and you will be able to plan your regular coursework. Interested students complete the application process in these three easy steps:

1.) Print/Complete Application Form
2.) Write a short page length essay describing your goals for the program
3.) Submit your resume

Apply Here! Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2015!

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Course Schedule


  • Complete one of the following: ECON 200, ACCT 200 or ACCT 250.
  • BNAD 303 Marketing Principles, Concepts & Tools

Summer Session 1

  • MKTG 304 Marketing Information & Analysis
  • MKTG 306 Marketing & Human Behavior
  • MKTG 308 Personal Selling

Summer Session II

  • MKTG 307 Creative Advertising
  • MKTG 309 Public Relations & Sales Promotion
  • MKTG 310 Marketing Plans

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Benefits For You

The Marketing Minor can be a valuable addition to your major course of study. This 18-unit, one summer cohort program is an efficient way to complete a minor at the University of Arizona with guaranteed access to the needed courses. Faculty with academic and experiential credentials will provide the instruction. The business and communication skills offered in the program can be utilized in a variety of careers related to the following non-business degrees:

  • Communications
  • Media Arts
  • Journalism
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Fine Arts (Music, Art)
  • English/Creative Writing
  • Retail and Consumer Studies
  • Regional Development
  • Computer Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Other majors with non-profit or entrepreneurial interests
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Program (see advisor)


"As part of the pilot marketing program at the Eller College of Management, I was fortunate enough to learn from top instructors, be surrounded by intelligent peers, and earn an incredible background in marketing. I have used the knowledge gained through this program in every position held, and was likely hired thanks in part to the marketing minor. Since then, all my positions held have been marketing related."

Victoria Harben
Journalism Major, Marketing Minor, Summer '06

"The Marketing Minor was the best set of classes I have taken at the U of A. It was really enjoyable and a fun way to finish my minor and it was definitely worth giving up a summer for. The Marketing Minor will open up many doors for my future career."

Stephanie Edwards
Marketing Minor, Summer '07

"Your guest lecturers provided a great insight into the real world of advertising and marketing. I gave Bruce Washburn, VP Sales Clear Channel Outdoor, my resume after his presentation on outdoor advertising and was subsequently hired as the new Account Executive. "

Rome Loredo
Marketing Minor, Summer '10

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For more information about the Marketing minor, please contact us at:

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