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Marketing Clubs

  • American Advertising Federation (AAF)
  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • AdCats
  • Eller Professional Sales Club (EPSC)
  • Sports Marketing Association (SMA)


Marketing Major Requirements

Requirements in the 2014-2015 for marketing majors are as follows:

  • MKTG 361 is required for all business majors
  • 18 credits in 400-level MKTG courses:
       - 12 credits from MKTG 376, 440, 450, 471
       - 9 credits from other 400 level MKTG courses

The requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a major in marketing can be found online in the University of Arizona General Catalog.

By using UAccess Student, you can view your Student Academic Program Report (SAPR) to see what courses have been completed and what remains. Remember, the system assumes you will complete courses that you are currently taking and those that you are registered to take in a subsequent semester.

Marketing Learning Outcomes

The undergraduate marketing curriculum will prepare students to become marketing professionals by developing the knowledge and skill bases necessary for professional success.

Course Sequencing

In order to meet prerequisite requirements, the following guideline suggests courses taken the last four semesters before graduation.

Year of Study Semester Course
Junior Year 1st Semester
2nd Semester
MKTG 361 and 376
MKTG 440
Senior Year 3rd Semester
4th Semester
MKTG 450 and 400-level elective(s)
MKTG 471 and 400-level elective(s)

Sample Course Sequences for the major and business core classes can be found at Undergraduate Programs Four-Year Plans.


  • MKTG 361 is a prerequisite for all 400-level classes
  • MKTG 440: MKTG 361 is the only prerequisite
  • MKTG 450: MKTG 361, 376, and 440 are prerequisites
  • MKTG 471: MKTG 361, 376, MGMT 310A, FIN 311 and 6 other units of 400 level MKTG courses are prerequisites

For a complete list of marketing courses and electives see the courses page.

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