Honors Students

The Eller Honors Program serves a group of talented and highly motivated students to pursue excellence inside and outside of the classroom. The program fosters an environment that is charged for growth, learning, and enriched experiences; it is designed to promote the initiative, energy, and hard work of its members.

2016 Honor Students Molly and Kacie

Marketing Majors who are also honors students receive these additional benefits:

  • Personal interactions with Marketing Faculty, Staff, and the Department Head
  • Hands-on-Research (Access to College Research facilities and resources)
  • Apply what you have learned to your Honors thesis
  • Internships
  • Departmental Academic Scholarships


Honors students thrive in the Eller Marketing program. Take a look at this video interview with Michael Rowe, one of the Marketing Department's Outstanding Marketing Seniors.

Eller Tracks of Excellence
Choose between Social Entrepreneurship/Community Impact, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Global Management, and Departmental Research.

McCord Scholarship Program
The Eller College of Management's most prestigious undergraduate scholarship program.

Direct Admission
Direct Admission is a program designed to encourage honors students to take foundation courses at the University of Arizona.

Transfer Students
Find out about requirements to graduate with honors when transferring to The University of Arizona.

The University of Arizona Honors College
Visit the official website for the Honors College for The University of Arizona to find out about resources and policies about the UA Honors Program.

Berger Student Leadership Center
Learn more about the Berger Student Leadership Center, or request access to use the Center.