Course Name Units Semester Description
MKTG 376 Marketing Analytics

Quantitative and analytical skills related to marketing; includes use of statistical packages and analysis with common marketing and financial metrics.

MKTG 421 Services Marketing

Marketing concepts and techniques for organizations whose core product is service; topics include quality service delivery, customer attraction and retention, relationship marketing, etc. Credit allowed for only one of MKTG 421 or MKTG/RCSC 424.

MKTG 425 Advertising Management

The management and development of effective advertising communications; needs and market identification, message creation, media selection, and measurement of results.

MKTG 428 Sales Communication

Persuasion, negotiation, and customer relationship management in interpersonal marketing communications; application of selling skills in business settings.

MKTG 430 Retail Marketing

Addresses the marketing, management and competitive strategy issues that confront retail enterprises. Particular attention is given to the determinants of the profitability of high performance retailers. Major attention is given to strategic planning, competitive analysis, market selection and retail location, merchandise budgeting and control, and store layout and design. 

MKTG 440 Marketing Research

Concepts and techniques of research for marketing decisions; problem definition, determination of information needs, sources, methods of gathering and analyzing data; presentation of findings for management. Should be taken in 2nd semester of the cohort. Credit allowed for only one of MKTG 440 or 480 towards major.

MKTG 450 Buyer Behavior

Customer behavior and the application of concepts and research findings from the behavioral sciences in the solution of marketing problems.

MKTG 452 Integrated Marketing Communications

Role of advertising and special promotions in the economy and business and nonprofit organizations, concepts and strategy for programs, budgets, media selection, evaluation of effectiveness. 

MKTG 454 Management of Sales Operations

The sales function and its relationship to the total marketing program; sales strategies and objectives; development and administration of sales organizations; control and evaluation of sales operations. 

MKTG 456 International Marketing

Marketing operations for foreign environments; cultural, political and economic factors affecting the international marketers. 

MKTG 459 Product Management

Product (services) strategy for achieving financial growth; evaluating opportunities; generating ideas; launching new offerings; managing the product (services) portfolio. 

MKTG 460 Special Topics

This course will explore emerging and relevant topics in the field of marketing that are not covered in other courses.

MKTG 470 Marketing and Public Policy

Trends in public opinion, legislation and practices of governmental regulatory bodies; implications for marketing decision making; role of marketing research in public policy development. 

MKTG 471 Marketing Policies and Operations

An integrative, capstone course focusing on comprehensive marketing problems; development, control and auditing of marketing organizations and operations. This course is best taken in the final semester before graduation. Writing Emphasis Course.