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'Marketing classics' by Eller College Marketing faculty have received over 100 Social Science Citation Index total citations and/or won significant awards. Both are good indicators of the impact of a scholarly contribution. A total citation of over 100 is considered exceptional; many scholarly articles are cited less than a dozen times.

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Sidney J. Levy (1959), “Symbols for Sale” Harvard Business Review (July-August): 117-124.

  • Converse Award for contributions to the discipline of marketing including “Symbols for Sale”.

Philip Kotler and Sidney J. Levy (1969), “Broadening the Concept of Marketing” Journal of Marketing (January): 10-15.

  • Alpha Kappa Psi Award for Advancing the Practice of Marketing.

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Robert F. Lusch (1976), “Sources of Power: Their Impact on Intra-Channel Conflict” Journal of Marketing Research (November): 382-390.

Frederick E. Webster, James A. Largay III, and Charles P. Stickney (1980), “The Impact of Inflation Accounting on Marketing Decisions,” Journal of Marketing (Autumn): 9-17.

  • Alpha Kappa Psi Award for Advancing the Practice of Marketing.

Sidney J. Levy (1981), “Interpreting Consumer Mythology: A Structural Approach to Consumer Behavior” Journal of Marketing (Summer): 49-61.

  • Harold Maynard Award for Theoretical Contributions to Marketing.

Merrie Brucks (1985), “The Effects of Product Class Knowledge on Information Search Behavior,” Journal of Consumer Research (June): 1-16.

  • Robert Ferber Award for best manuscript based on a doctoral dissertation from the Journal of Consumer Research.

Melanie Wallendorf and Eric Arnould, (1988), “My Favorite Things: A Cross-Cultural Inquiry into Object Attachment, Possessiveness and Social Linkage” Journal of Consumer Research(March): 531-547.

Russell W. Belk, John Sherry and Melanie Wallendorf (1988), “A Naturalistic Inquiry into Buyer and Seller Behavior at a Swap Meet” Journal of Consumer Research (March): 449-470.

Rohit Deshpande and Frederick E. Webster (1989), “Organizational Culture and Marketing: Defining the Research Agenda” Journal of Marketing (January): 3-15.

Russell Belk, Melanie Wallendorf and John Sherry (1989), “The Sacred and the Profane in Consumer Behavior: Theodicy on the Odyssey” Journal of Consumer Research (June): 1-38.

  • Association for Consumer Research Best Article Award in JCR 1989-1991.

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Frederick E. Webster (1992), “The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation” Journal of Marketing (October): 1-17.

  • Alpha Kappa Psi Award for Advancing the Practice of Marketing.

Rohit Deshpande, John Farley and Frederick E. Webster (1993), “Corporate Culture, Customer Orientation, and Innovativeness in Japanese Firms—A Quadrad Analysis” Journal of Marketing(January): 23-27.

Eric Arnould and Linda Price (1993), “River Magic: Extraordinary Experience and Hedonic Aspects of Service Encounters” Journal of Consumer Research (June): 24-46.

Shankar Ganesan (1994), “Determinants of Long-term Orientation in Buyer-Seller Relationships” Journal of Marketing (April): 1-19.

Robert F. Lusch and James Brown (1996), “Interdependency, Contracting and relational Behavior in Marketing Channels,” Journal of Marketing (October): 19-38.

  • Harold Maynard Award for Theoretical Contributions to Marketing.
  • Louis Stern Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Marketing Channels Literature.

Jap, Sandy and Shankar Ganesan (2000) "Control Mechanisms and the Relationship Lifecycle: Implications for Safeguarding Specific Investments and Developing Commitment," Journal of Marketing Research, 37 (May), 227-245.

  • Louis W. Stern Award for the Best Article on Marketing Channels and Distribution

Stephen Vargo and Robert F. Lusch (2004), “Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing,”Journal of Marketing (January): 1-17.

  • Harold Maynard Award for Theoretical Contributions to Marketing.
  • 2010 Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award

Robert F. Lusch, Stephen L. Vargo, and Matthew O'Brien (2007), "Competing Through Service: Insights from Service-Dominant Logic," Journal of Retailing, 83, 1 pp. 5-18.

Stephen L. Vargo and Robert F. Lusch (2008), "Service-Dominant Logic: Continuing the Evolution," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 36 (Spring): 1-10.

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