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Michelle Weinberger and Sidney Levy at CCT, 2012

Sidney J. Levy Award, 2011 

Michelle F. Weinberger 
Awarded in recognition of 
outstanding CCT dissertation 

Featured Research

Weinberger, Michelle F.* and Melanie Wallendorf, "Intracommunity Gifting at Intersection of Contemporary Moral and Market Economics, " Journal of Consumer Research.

Thomas, Tandy Chambers*, Linda Price and Hope Schau, "Sustaining Identity Value and Shared Practices in Heterogeneous Consumption Communities," Journal of Consumer Research.

*Michelle Weinberger ('09) and Tandy Chambers Thomas ('09) are both graduates of the Eller Marketing Doctoral Program. 


Research Impact

Selected Faculty Research Accomplishments

  • Associate Professor Hope Schau's 2009 article "How Brand Community Practices Create Value" received the Citation of Excellence in 2014 for being one of the top 50 most cited articles from that year. This article also received the Citation for Excellence in 2013. 

  • Professor Merrie Brucks' and Associate Professor Jesper Nielsen's research (with Marketing PhD alumnus Paul Connell) on Marketing Mascots and Children has received widespread coverage in the news (e.g., front page Arizona Daily Star)

  • 18 top-tier Marketing and Management articles in a 2-year (2012-2014) span

  • Rated #1 for Impactful Research by AMA (American Marketing Association) in 2012

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