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Michelle Weinberger and Sidney Levy at CCT, 2012

Sidney J. Levy Award, 2011 

Michelle F. Weinberger 
Awarded in recognition of 
outstanding CCT dissertation 

Research Impact

Selected Faculty Research Accomplishments

André F. Maciel and Melanie Wallendorf (2017), “Taste Engineering: An Extended Consumer Model of Cultural Competence Constitution,” Journal of Consumer Research 43 (February), 726-746. The Sidney J. Levy award was given to André F. Maciel in 2017 for this dissertation-based article.

Connell, Paul, Merrie Brucks, and Jesper Nielsen (2014), “How Childhood Advertising Exposure Can Create Biased Product Evaluations that Persist into Adulthood,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (1), 119-134.  Honorable Mention for the 2015 Ferber Award and 2017 Finalist for best JCR paper of 2014.

Martin, Jolie, Martin Reimann, and Michael I. Norton (2016), “Experience theory, or how desserts are like losses,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145 (11), 1460-1472. Winner of the Best Paper of the Year Award, International Social Cognition Network, 2018.

Thomas, Tandy Chalmers, Linda L. Price and Hope Jensen Schau (2013), “When Differences Unite: Resource Dependence in Heterogeneous Consumption Communities,” Journal of Consumer Research 39(5): 1010-1033. Emerald Citations of Excellence Award, top 50 most impactful business articles 2016.

Warren, Caleb and Margaret C. Campbell (2014). What Makes Things Cool? How Autonomy Influences Perceptions of Coolness. Journal of Consumer Research. 41, 543-563. Winner of the Robert Ferber Award (for best dissertation) and finalist for best paper published in JCR in 2014.

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Current Research

2018 (in press or accepted): 

Etkin, J. and A. Pocheptsova Ghosh (2018), “When a Positive Mood Increases Choice Deferral,” Journal of Consumer Research45(1), 208-225

Levy, S. (2018) Markething Theory, “What is a Consumer? A Polyfocal Vision.” In review.

Lin, M., Y. Liu, and S. Viswanathan (2018), “Effectiveness of Reputation in Contracting for Customized Production: Evidence from Online Labor Markets,” Management Science. 64(1), 35-359

Newman, K. P. and M. Brucks (2018), “The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts on the Moral Behavior of High Self-Brand Overlap Consumers, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Special Issue on Marketplace Morality, (April), in press.

Nielsen, J H., J. Edson Escalas, and S. Hoeffler (2018) “Mental Simulation and Category Knowledge Affect Really New Product Evaluation through Transportation,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, in press.

Pekgun, P., B.P. Ghosh, and M.R. Galbreth. (2018). “How Unequal Perception of User Reviews Impact Price Competition”. Decision Sciences, in press

Reimann, M. (2018), “Decision muscles? How choosing more food (despite incentives to eat less) is associated with the brain’s cortical thickness,” Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, in press

Reimann, M., D. MacInnis, V. Folkes, G. Pol, and A. Uhalde (2018), “Insights into the experience of brand betrayal: From what people say and what the brain reveals,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, in press

Sande J.B. and M. Ghosh "Endogeneity in Survey Research,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, forthcoming

Warren, C. Pezzuti, T. & Koley S. 2018. Is Being Emotionally Inexpressive Cool? Journal of Consumer Psychology. forthcoming.

Viswanathan, M., X. Li, O. Narasimhan and G. John (2018). “Is Cash King? A Field Experiment on Mental Accounting in a Salesforce” Journal of Marketing Research, conditionally accepted

Wallendorf, M. (2018), “Max Weber,” in The Routledge Companion to Canonical Authors in Social Theory on Consumption, Søren Askegaard and Benoît Heilbrunn , eds., London: Routledge, in press

Wallendorf, M.(2018), “Talcott Parsons,” chapter for inclusion in The Routledge Companion to Canonical Authors in Social Theory on Consumption, Søren Askegaard and Benoît Heilbrunn, eds., London: Routledge, in press

Warren, C., A. Barsky, and A.P. McGraw (2018), “Beyond Advertising: Humor, Comedy, and Consumer Behavior,” Journal of Consumer Research, in press

Watson,  Pocheptsova Ghosh, and Trusov (2018), “Swayed by the Numbers: The Consequences of Displaying Product Review Information,” Journal of Marketing, in press



Bastos, W. and M. Brucks (2017), “How and Why Conversational Value Leads to Happiness with Experiential and Material Purchases,” Journal of Consumer Research, October, 598-612.

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Sorescu, A., N. Warren, and L. Ertekin (2017), “Event Study Methodology in the Marketing Literature: An Overview,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 45(2), 186-207.

Top 10 selected papers in the Journal of Academy of Science in 2017.

Vonach, A., K. D. Vohs, A. Pocheptsova Ghosh, and B. Roy F. (2017), “Ego Depletion Induces Mental Passivity: Behavioral Effects Beyond Impulse Control,” Motivation Science, 3(4), 321-336 (lead article)

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