Mrinal Ghosh

Marketing Department Head
Soldwedel Professor of Marketing


Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Marketing), 1998
B.Eng., University of Bombay (Mechanical Engineering), 1988

Areas of Expertise

  •  Inter-Organizational Relationships
  •  Product Form Choice
  •  Sales Force Design and Compensation
  •  Technology Marketing in Entrepreneurial Ventures


Undergraduate: MKTG 471 - Marketing Policies and Operations, MKTG 440 - Marketing Research
MBA: MKTG 555 - Marketing Strategy
Doctoral: MKTG 696 - Inter-Organizational Relationships


Marketing Strategy

  • “Governance Value Analysis and Marketing Strategy,” Mrinal Ghosh and George John, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 63 (Special Issue 1999), 131-145.

Inter-Organizational Contracting/Relationships

  • “Pricing Formats for Branded Components in Industrial Markets: An Integration of Transaction Cost Economics and the Resource-Based View,” Desmond Lo, Kellilynn M. Frias, and Mrinal Ghosh, forthcoming (2011), Organization Science.
  • “Transaction Costs, Opportunism, and Governance: Contextual Considerations,” Aric Rindfleisch, Kersi Antia, Janet Bercowitz, James Brown, Joseph Cannon, Stephen Carson, Mrinal Ghosh, Susan Helper, Diana Robertson, and Kenneth Wathne, Marketing Letters, 2010, Vol. 21, No. 3 (September), 211-222.
  • “Contract Specificity and its Performance Implications,” Erik Mooi and Mrinal Ghosh,Journal of Marketing, 2010, Vol. 74 (March), 105-120.
  • “When Should Original Equipment Manufacturers Use Branded Component Contracts with Suppliers?” Mrinal Ghosh and George John, Journal of Marketing Research, 2009, Vol. 41 (October), 597-611.
  • Customizing Complex Products: When Should the Vendor Take Control?” Mrinal Ghosh, Shantanu Dutta, and Stefan Stremersch, Journal of Marketing Research, 2006, Vol. 38 (November), 664-679.
  • “Strategic Fit in Industrial Alliances: An Empirical Test of Governance Value Analysis,” Mrinal Ghosh and George John, Journal of Marketing Research, 2005, Vol. 37 (August), 346-357.

Sales Force Compensation Design

  • “The Incentive and Selection Roles of Sales Force Compensation Contracts,” Desmond Lo, Mrinal Ghosh, and Francine Lafontaine, forthcoming (August 2011), Journal of Marketing Research.
  • “Experimental Evidence for Agency Models of Salesforce Compensation,” Mrinal Ghosh and George John, Marketing Science, 2000, Vol. 19, No. 4, 348-365.

Pricing and Price Rigidity

  • “Durability Versus Concentration as an Explanation for Price Inflexibility,” Elizabeth M. Caucutt, Mrinal Ghosh, and Christina M. L. Kelton, Review of Industrial Organization, January 1999, Vol. 14, 27-50.
  • “Robustness of the Relationship Between Price Variability and Inflation for United States Manufacturing,” Elizabeth M. Caucutt, Mrinal Ghosh, and Christina M. L. Kelton,Applied Economics, 1998, Vol. 30, 513-519.
  • “Pricing Behavior in United States Manufacturing Industries: A Statistical Study using Disaggregated Data,” Elizabeth M. Caucutt, Mrinal Ghosh, and Christina M. L. Kelton,Review of Industrial Organization, December 1994, Vol. 9, 745-772.

Book Chapters

  • “Governance Value Analysis: When Porter Meets Williamson,” Mrinal Ghosh and George John, in ISBM B2B Handbook, Gary Lilien and Rajdeep Grewal (Eds.), 2011.
  • “Product Distribution Choices in China: A Transaction Cost Perspective,” Louisa Ha, Mrinal Ghosh, Rajeev Batra, and Jie Zhang, in Marketing Issues in Transitional Economies, Rajeev Batra (Ed.), Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishing, 1999.


Inter-Organizational Contracting/Relationships

  • “A Governance-Based Perspective on Bundling Equipment Sales and Technical Consulting Services in Industrial Markets” (with Tirthankar Roy and Sourav Ray).
  •  “Pricing Formats as Governance Devices: The Role of Leasing in Complex Industrial Markets,” (Mrinal Ghosh).
  • “Restricted Rights in Technology License Contracts: An Investigation in International Markets,” (with Chae Un Lim and George John).
  • “Tackling Endogeneity in Marketing Strategy and Inter-Organizational Research:  A Critical Review,” (with Jon B. Sande).

Marketing Strategy

  • “Product Form Choice: Selling Systems versus Components in Industrial Markets,” (with Shantanu Dutta and Kellilynn M. Frias).
  • “A Theory of Quantity Commitment and Quantity Discounts in Marketing Channels,” (with Desmond Lo and Stephen Salant).
  • “Customer Addressability Advantage as a Strategic Asset,” (with Tirthankar Roy).
  • “Product-Form Strategies in High-Technology Entrepreneurial Markets,” (with Kellilynn M. Frias and Robert Lusch).

Sales Force Design

  • “Delegation and Pay-for-Performance: Evidence from Industrial Sales,” (with Francine Lafontaine and Desmond Lo).

Professional Associations

  • American Marketing Association
  • INFORMS College of Marketing
  • International Society of New Institutional Economics