Merrie Brucks

Robert Eckert Professor of Marketing


Ph.D. in Marketing, Carnegie Mellon University, 1984

Areas of Expertise

  •  Psychology of Consumer Decision Making
  •  Buyer Knowledge and Expertise
  •  Marketing Communications
  •  Children's Responses to Advertising


Undergraduate: MKTG 450 - Buyer Behavior, MKTG 470 - Marketing, Law, and Society
MBA: MKTG 550 - Buyer Behavior; MKTG 572 – Marketing Research for Managers
Doctoral: MKTG 696D - Psychological Aspects of Consumer Behavior

Professional Associations

  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Society for Consumer Psychology
  • American Psychological Society


  • President, Association for Consumer Research, 2007.
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Consumer Research, 2000-2002
  • Treasurer, Association for Consumer Research, 1993.
  • Robert Ferber award for best article-length manuscript based on a doctoral dissertation in consumer behavior, 1984.
  • Conference Co-Chair, Association for Consumer Research, 1996.

Selected Publications

Newman, Kevin P. and Merrie Brucks (2016), "When are Natural and Urban Environments Restorative? The Impact of Environmental Compatibility on Self-Control Restoration," Journal of Consumer Psychology, in press. 

Connell, Paul, Merrie Brucks, and Jesper Nielsen (2014),  “How Childhood Advertising Exposure Can Create Biased Product Evaluations that Persist into Adulthood,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (1), 119-134. 

Trump, Rebecca and Merrie Brucks (2012), “"Overlap between Mental Representations of Self and Brand,” Self and Identity, 11 (4), 454-471.

Boland, Wendy, Merrie Brucks, and Jesper Nielsen (2012), “The Attribute Carryover Effect: What the “Runner-up” Option Tells Us About Consumer Choice Processes,” Journal of Consumer Research, 38 (5, February), 872-885.

Xu, Huimin and Merrie Brucks (2011), “Are Neurotics Really More Creative? Neuroticism’s Interaction with Mortality Salience in Determining Creative Interest,” Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 33 (1), 88-99.

Freeman, Dan, Stewart Shapiro, and Merrie Brucks (2009), “Memory Issues Pertaining to Social Marketing Messages about Behavior Enactment versus Non-enactment,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19 (4, October), pp. 629-642.

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