Marisa Lucas

Business Management Associate, General Mills


BSBA in Marketing, University of Arizona, 2004

What do you feel the marketing department best prepared you for in your professional career?      

The dynamic of professors within the Marketing department helped me learn how to adjust my written and verbal communication style according to who I am interacting with. This is a skill that I use on a day to day basis. Also, the relationships I developed with faculty, staff, and peers taught me that a positive, professional network is an important part of an individual's success, both in school and in the workplace.      

What experience(s) as a college student helped you pick the career path you are in?   

My internship helped shape my ideals of what I was looking for in an employer and in my future career. In addition, speaking to many different recruiters, even when I wasn't actively seeking a job my first few years of college, exposed me to different corporate cultures and areas of work. And most importantly, mentorship by peers and advisors within the Eller college helped to build my knowledge of different career choices, as well as my confidence in being being able to decide which path was the right one for me.

Any words of advice for future Eller Marketing majors?   

Develop an open relationship with your advisor. Above serving as a valuable resource, they will become your greatest advocate within the college and strive to recognize you for your hard work and contributions to the college. Also! This is a big one - HAVE FUN! Marketing courses and professors can be challenging, but keep your head up, have a good time, and know when it is time to get down to business.

Can you describe a positive experience that you may have had with the faculty of the Marketing department?  

I always went out of my way to connect with my professors somehow on a personal level. At Spring Fling last year I ran into Jesper Nielsen while promoting the "Guero Canelo" food booth wearing a straw sombrero and a promo sign. Lance Erickson helped me begin to consider my big move to Minneapolis by reflecting on his big move from New York. Dr. Wallendorf always found a way to link any Consumer Behavior lecture back to my father's "tomato garden" in Spain - even though one never existed. I have so many fond memories of my interactions with these faculty members and others. They are all rooted in the valuable relationships I created in an effort to make the Eller College my home and the starting point of my career.