Greg Rosborough

Co-founder / Director, Abasi Rosborough
Co-Founder, Ugallery


BSBA in Marketing, University of Arizona, 2006

What do you feel the marketing department best prepared you for in your professional career?      

Feeling confident in presenting. When I started taking classes at Eller, it was the first time in college experience that I felt the bar was truly raised. I couldn’t hide behind tests scores and expect to succeed – I had to stand up, present confidently, and be prepared to debate. It tested me and made me think on my feet, and that pressure to perform has been hugely helpful at work.

What experience(s) as a college student helped you pick the career path you are in? 

Traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new places. Seeing different places and cultures, especially New York City, were hugely influential on me and shaped what I wanted to do and where I wanted to live.

Any words of advice for future Eller Marketing majors?   

Be open-minded, work very hard, and pursue what you are passionate about.

Can you describe a positive experience that you may have had with the faculty of the Marketing department?  

I came back to Eller to speak at the Thinking Forward conference in March this year. I was looking forward to seeing Dr. Lusch because I had really admired him as a student, and I hadn’t seen him since graduating. When I got to the conference, we caught up and talked about Ralph Lauren and some new stores the company had built. He then opened his jacket and showed me that he had worn his Ralph Lauren Purple Label blazer, knowing that he would see me that day. He said he was a big fan. I thought that was an awesome gesture and I continue to admire the man.