Dana Fors

Account Executive, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY


BSBA in Marketing, University of Arizona, 2010

What do you feel the marketing department best prepared you for in your professional career?      

Besides the advertising clubs I was in, which prepared me the best for my career, all of the networking events were great. Most students don't realize it but networking is very helpful. Most of the really hard-to-get jobs, are easier to obtain if you can get in the door through a contact. I was able to get an interview through a friend of a woman I babysat for in high school. It doesn't always have to be someone at a marketing event, but letting people know what you are interested in and strive to achieve can never hurt- people know people who know people-- so reach out!

What experience(s) as a college student helped you pick the career path you are in? 

As a student I already knew I wanted to go into Advertising, the different student clubs that revolved around that industry were extremely helpful in preparing me for my future career. From the National Student Advertising competition and AdCats through the American Advertising Federation and my experience in MKTG 425, I became very well educated in my field of interest and got an idea of what sides of the business I was interested in. Having the hands on experience and the book portfolios to show for it are definitely what helped me get the job I have now at this incredible agency. I only wish I had learned about them sooner.

Any words of advice for future Eller Marketing majors?   

Get involved! As I learned my senior year, there were great advertising opportunities on campus but they aren't very out in the open. I only found out about NSAC through friends who were in it. Eller is very focused on sales jobs through the marketing department but there is so much more out there to explore! Research, network and get involved!

Can you describe a positive experience that you may have had with the faculty of the Marketing department?  

Dr. Ackerley became a great mentor while I was in the Eller College of Management. Through AAF, NSAC, AdCats and the Marketing 425 Honda project, he made sure that I was involved in every step and learned as much as I could from the group. As I was looking for jobs in advertising out in LA he gave me advice and even allowed me to use him as a reference while interviewing at TBWA\CHIAT\DAY. He was always encouraging and even asked me back to speak at AdFair which I was honored to participate in.