Bikram Ghosh

Associate Professor of Marketing


Ph.D. in Marketing, Purdue University, 2007

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytical models of marketing with a focus on firm pricing strategy and competition; models of endogenous search; models of limited consumer attentiveness
  • Effect of user generated review of products on firm competition and strategy
  • Social movements


MKTG 451 Advanced Analytics/CRM
MKTG 542 Relationship Marketing

Selected Publications


  • “Strategic price competition and product bundling”, with Subramanian Balachander, Management Science, 2007, Vol 53(1), 159-168.
  • “Why Bundle Discounts can be a Profitable Alternative to Competing on Price Promotions?” with Subramanian Balachander and Axel Stock, Marketing Science, 2010, Vol 29(4), 624-638
  • “Advertising effectiveness, Digital Video Recorders and Product Market Competition”, with Axel Stock, Marketing Science, 2010, Vol 29(4), 638-649
  • “Social Sharing of Information Goods: Implications for Pricing and Profits”, with Michael R. Galbreth and Mikhael Shor, Marketing Science, 2012, Vol 31(4), 603-620
  • "Competition and Sustainability: the Impact of Consumer Awareness", with Michael R. Galbreth, Decision Sciences, 2013, Vol 44(1), 127-159.

Best paper award, Decision Sciences Journal, 2013.

  • “Bayesian Estimation of a Simultaneous Probit Model Using Error Augmentation: An Application to Multi-buying and Churning Behavior”, with Subramanian Balachander, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2013, Vol 11(4), 437-458
  • “The Competitive Impact of Targeted Television Advertising Using DVR Technology”, with Michael R. Galbreth and Guangzhi Shang, Decision Sciences, 2013, Vol 44(5), 951-971.
  • “Impact of Consumer Attentiveness and Search Costs in Firm Quality Disclosure: A Competitive Analysis”, with Michael R. Galbreth, Management Science, 2013, Vol 59(11), 2604-2621.
  • “Asymmetric Uncertainty and Endogenous Market Segmentation in Experience Goods”, with Michael R. Galbreth, forthcoming, Decision Sciences
  • “Optimal Retail Return Policies with Consumer Opportunism” with Guangzhi Shang and Michael R. Galbreth, forthcoming, Productions and Operations Management