New to the Marketing Department

August 15, 2016

We are happy to welcome and introduce four new members to the marketing department!

Nooshin Warren

Nooshin WarrenNooshin is joining the department as an Assistant Professor of Marketing. She just completed her Ph.D. in Business Administration - Marketing from Texas A&M University earlier this year. Nooshins areas of expertise are in empirical modeling and marketing strategy such as new product development and innovation, firm/stock market communication strategies, measuring the financial value of marketing actions and assets and the impact of top management on the effectiveness of marketing actions. Nooshin will start teaching for us in Spring 2017.




Caleb Warren

Caleb WarrenCaleb is joining the department as an Assistant Professor of Marketing. He has held previous positions at Texas A&M University and Bocconi University in Italy. He received his Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Colorado, Boulder and his areas of expertise are in humor (What makes things funny? How do laughter, amusement, and comedy influence advertising objectives, decision-making, and consumer well-being?), symbolic value (What makes things cool? How consumers pursue and acquire status, esteem, and distinction? What shapes the associations that consumers have with brands?), and goal pursuit (How do goals shape decisions and consumer behavior? How do consumers monitor progress towards their goals? How do emotions shape decision-making and goal pursuit?) Caleb will be teaching Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing in Fall 2016.



Matthew Farmer

Matthew FarmerMatthew is one of our new doctoral students and is joining us from Memphis, Tennessee where he received his International MBA from The University of Memphis. Matthew’s current research interests include Cross-cultural branding and consumption patterns, healthcare marketing, brand loyalty and positioning, corporate social responsibility, mobile and digital advertising. Matthew’s ultimate goal in joining the Marketing PhD program, is to become a professor at a top research university, where he can fully explore all of the exciting possibilities presented by consumer behavior research. More specifically, he is interested in brand loyalty and consumer decision-making mechanisms, particularly between distinct cultures.




J. Daniel Martinez Garcia

J. Daniel Martinez GarciaHe goes by Danny, and he is joining us from just completing his MBA at The University of Tex at El Paso. Danny's current research interests include quantitative and marketing analytics, Big Data, social networks, new product development, marketing of new technologies, online/digital marketing, and online retailing. Danny's greatest desire is to become a relevant scholar in the marketing field, helping advance the boundaries of knowledge along lines of excellence. He would like to become a successful marketing scientist and conduct research that provides marketing managers with a better understanding of e-commerce based on marketing and big data analytics, focusing my expertise in developing analytical marketing models.