Marketing Minor Case Competition Winners

August 10, 2016

Marketing Minor Breakfast of Champions Winners!

For the 2016 Breakfast of Champions students were placed in groups and told to great their own advertising/consulting firm and to chose a local company within Tucson to create an advertising campaign for.

Mokha Advertising, Client: BOCA

Mokha AdvertisingWhat is Mokha Advertising? MOKHA is a unique agency that believes in strategic creativity. Our main focus was to re-brand and create awareness of the restaurant with advertising and promotional tools. These tools establish BOCA as a fun, sit-down Mexican food restaurant and helps not only get new customers in the door but maintain them as loyal supporters.
What is BOCA?
BOCA offers fast Mexican food with a sit-down experience. Chef Maria Mazon offers unique tacos and homemade salsas to complete the experience.
What makes BOCA different from the rest is Chef Maria. Her sassy personality shows in the look and flavor of the food she presents to her customers.
Bold, elegant Mexican food


Olympus, Client: Embassy Tires and Wheel

What is Embassy Tire?Olympus
Embassy prides itself on ensuring each customer receives the same high quality care that could only be provided by a family team. They do this by providing fast, efficient, and honest care to each individual customer.
In the automotive industry; ranging from sales to repairs, there is a high level of distrust for consumers. Our unique selling proposition revolves around Embassy’s family owned and small local business status. Unlike some of our competitors, Embassy relies heavily on providing a high level of a family experience for their clients in order to establish lasting relationships to provide success for their company.
The big idea we want to promote is that each customer will be treated as part of the family team established at Embassy by Marco Mejia.



Eclipse, Inc., Client: Roadrunners

Eclipse, Inc.What is Roadrunners?
We want the Tucson community to know there is a new way to beat the heat and that is by attending the Tucson Roadrunners premier hockey season. This is the only professional sports team in the city and we want the community to rally behind them.
Our USP revolves around our Roadrunners Street Team internship geared towards college students studying sports management, and the Roadrunners Ambassador program for high school students. By aiming these programs at these demographics we hope to reach their local communities so that they will get their peers and families excited and involved with upcoming games and events. These two programs go hand in hand by organizing and overseeing game day experiences, but with different levels of involvement. We want to stress that they are a vital part of us reaching our overall goal of filling all 9,275 arena seat.
The big idea of our campaign is based on the phrase ‘when hell freezes over.’ Our whole campaign will be about hockey coming to Tucson and freezing the desert. We will expand the hockey fan base in a number of ways. First we will target the U of A students and create a street team made up of sports management students. We will reach out to the communities in Tucson through our Roadrunner Ambassadors. Our social media platforms will get the city excited about the upcoming scrimmage between the Arizona Coyotes and Tucson Roadrunners. We have creative flyers and billboards that will be posted throughout the city as well.