Students win $5,000 in Prizes, Job Offers in Eller /AT&T B2B Sales Competition

November 07, 2018

This past Friday, 11/2, 39 Members of the Eller Professional Sales Club and 55 sales recruiters participated in the day long Eller / AT&T B2B Sales Competition at McClelland Hall. The event was sponsored by Eller Alumnus Alex Jones, ’10, Director of B2B Sales at AT&T and was the ‘Final Exam’ for MKTG 293 003, Sales Competition Training.

 Here’s what the Competition looked and sounded like (embedded clips shot by Kate Gross)

Sample AT&T sales interaction (Jerry Kollross and Bamdad Mohaghegh)
Judges at work (Carmen Sandoval-Intuit; John Hanks-Qualtrics; Maribeth England-Reynolds American; Javier Mendez-Intuit; Zason Zeek-Varsity Tutors)
Door-to-door summer sales internships (Mike Yandre-North Star Homes)
Reverse Career Fair (all 97 recruiters, students and faculty)


Companies Send Executives and Alumni to Recruit

 Sales executives from these 26 companies came to Eller to as judges and mock buyers:






Curriculum Associates

Cartridge World

Cisco Systems

College Works Painting


Cox Business Services


E&J Gallo




North Star Home



Reynolds American

Tom James


Varsity Tutors

Vector Marketing







Eleven of the recruiters present were U of A alumni, one of whom, entrepreneur Chris Marin, has started his own sales lead generation company here in Tucson: 

Chad Elling ‘02

Varsity Tutors

Pedro Contreras ‘03


Alex Jones ‘10    



Jesse Illig ’13 Intuit

Jade Gingras ’15 Gartner

Corissa Lorimer ’15 ADP

John Contos ’02 Cisco Systems

Paul LaPointe ‘03


Chris Marin ’12 ’14 Convertist

Ryan Boorse ‘15


Carly Verderame ‘ 16




Contestants and Prize Winners

 The following students (click on names to view Visumés) competed in the Final Round and won 1st and 2nd prizes:

Winners and Competitors in the Final Round of the Eller / AT&T B2B Sales Competition




Pre-Business Sophomores

1st Prize - $500

Jonathan Merza

Erin Tatum

David Douglass

Michael Forte

José Peña

2nd Prize - $250

Austin Larson

Jaden Osborne

Olivia Cadwell

Hannah Sher

Connor Slight

Final Round Competitors

Connor Shepherd

Adam Davis

Macalaster Hooper

Patrick Moffat

Peyton Litteer

Madysen Washburn

Caitlin Leahy



Jacob Real


These students trained for and competed in the First Round of the Sales Competition:

Competitors in the First Round of the Eller / AT&T B2B Sales & Visumé Competition

Master’s Students



Pre-Business Sophomores

Heloise Mazzotti

Cody Aber

Grace Mannix

Nicholas Sierpina

Christopher Buxton

Kathryn Miller

Matthew Bennett

Alina Reinhard

Konner Bemis

Isabella Marin

Logan Westlake

Brendan McMenamin

Jayme Reed

John Lamb


Bobby Blough

Autumn Saucedo




Luke Rusnak


Job Offers

We anticipate that each contestant will receive an average of three offers for summer sales internships or full time sales positions, more than 115 in total. Hourly compensation for internships ranges from $15 - $30 per year. First year on-target-earnings averages $65,000.

 Sales Fact Track Certification

 Six students fulfilled two out of the three requirements, creating a Visumé and competing, needed to receive a micro-certification from the newly launched Sales Fast Track program:

Olivia Cadwell

Austin Larson

Jayden Osborne

Autumn Saucedo

Nick Sierpina

Jaymeson Reed


Spring Competition

Recruiting for the Sales Club’s Spring Semester and its next Sales Competition begins this week with the winners of the BNAD 200 Sales Competition.


Special Thanks Go To:

The Recruiters and our Students, the essential players;
Vic Piscitello and Bob Lusch, who laid the foundations for a Sales Program;
Alex Jones, ’10, of AT&T, who provided the financial support, the case and the ‘spark’ needed for success;
Mrinal Ghosh, Marketing Department Head, who made this event possible;
Kaitlin Conlogue, who organized the event and made sure it ran smoothly;
Bryant Parker, who made possible of the ‘live feed’ video from competitors to judges;
Kate Gross, the Eller Professional Sales Club’s VP of Video Production and recorder of the event;
Gabbie Duvernay, Erin Tatum, Juan Carlos Jimenez ’17, and Jesse Illig, ’13, creators of our ground-breaking Google Forms scoring system;
Erica Alitiem and Karen Bartos, who made their excellent interview rooms available to recruiters;
Rick Yngve and Eyran Gisches, who made their rooms available for training and the competition;
Jerry Kollross, Senior Lecturer in Eller’s Marketing Department, veteran of 50 + sales competitions and sales trainer of multiple sales competition champions and Nancy Roberts, Sales Career Counselor at Eller’s  Professional Development Center, both of whom ‘kept the wheels on the bus’ throughout the day, and to:
Sam Williams, Marketing Adjunct Lecturer and Faculty Advisor of the Eller Professional Sales Club.