'Happy Meal Effect' Martin Reimann's Research featured in Mashable Article

December 07, 2015

Professor Martin Reimann's research has been featured in a Mashable Article titled, "Why adult happy meals could be the next fad health kick."  

From the Mashable Article: Reimann tells Mashable now was the right time to perform the study. "Overweight (tendencies) and obesity are still on the rise, not only in the U.S. but globally."

In the experiment, 78% of sixth graders chose half a sandwich with a pair of inexpensive earbuds over a full sandwich. Another time, university employees and students chose the half sandwich for just the chance to possibly win 10,000 frequent flier miles or a $100 gift card.

In another test, women were more likely to choose the full portion over men, and yet another experiment showed that the value of the prize didn't always influence participants to choose the larger meal. People were as likely to choose a smaller meal for a $50 gift card as they were for a $100 gift card.

Furthermore, the people who chose the smaller meals didn't supplement with extra calories over the course of that day or the next day.

fMRI testing revealed these small portions paired with prizes trigger the same areas of the brain that respond to larger portions.

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