What our students have to say...

The Marketing Minor program has received continual praise. Please read what our students have to say about their experiences:

 Logan Pearce, a Summer 2018 Marketing minor and 2019 Communication Major will begin his career as a Business Development Representative (BDR) for ORACLE NetSuite. 

 “When I was interviewing for my Job we had to do a group activity.  We had 45 minutes to come up with a sales/marketing plan and give a 10 minute presentation on it.  Instantly I knew exactly what processes to follow and what questions to ask.  We had to be able to handle objections and that is something that is focused on strongly throughout the minor.

 I would 100% recommend this minor to anyone.  You get to know your cohort very well throughout the minor some even become good friends later on.  The classes are very interactive and easy to follow.  I really enjoyed being able to go on the field trips to different news station and radio stations.  I was able to shadow the VP of Sales at IHeartMedia, sit in on sales meetings and learn about their sales processes.

 The Marketing Minor is totally worth it - it helped me get references and allowed me to participate in the Eller Career Fair. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be glad you did it!”


Johnny ManagbanagJonathan (Johnny) Managbanag, a 2015 Marketing Minor alum and 2016 Communication major is employed in Fort Myers, Florida as a SMB Account Executive for Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company.

The marketing minor provided me with the tools, insights, and mentors I needed to get to where I wanted to be after graduating. The instructors really want their students to do well and will make helpful recommendations.  The program is very inclusive and engages the students every step of the way.  The professionalism that I learned in the minor has stuck with me and opened many opportunities.

I would recommend the Marketing minor because it is a great way to apply the knowledge learned in the Communication major to business practices. What you learn in all the classes will give you a new perspective on the world of business.   The program is a great way to positively influence your future U of A post grad life.


Marissa GoldmanAfter finishing the Marketing Minor and graduating in 2015, Marissa Goldman became a Customer Service Manager at Amazon in Seattle, WA. 

"The marketing minor gave me confidence to break into business, in spite of having a very non-traditional background."  Marissa would recommend the Marketing Minor for any students majoring in Psychology or Philosophy. “I've found business to be more exciting and challenging than anything I've ever encountered! I might have missed out if I had stuck to a traditional career path within either of my majors.

 I loved the Breakfast of Champions.  It gave me a great experience to talk about in interviews and brought together everything we had learned that summer.  Winning the Breakfast of Champions helped me see that I could add value and that I had a passion for marketing and business! 

The professional development advisors, the instructors, the projects, the field trips, and the in-class exercises were all invaluable components of my current success.  I would have never considered this career path or made the connections that led me to my current position without those experiences or that kind of support. 

Marketing is fun to learn, and applicable in so many areas you might not expect.  Gaining an awareness and understanding around branding, marketing plans, social media are all things that can help you in your career."


thomas stoeser

"At the U of A, I realized my passions were sports and people.  By completing the Marketing Minor and my degree in Communication, I was fortunate enough to land a position with the Minnesota Vikings.  

The Marketing minor taught me how to market myself to a professional organization, put myself in the right position to make connections, develop relationships and work together in a group setting towards a common project goal.  The best parts of the Marketing Minor program to me were the hands on activities and field trips to radio stations, TV news stations, and a Yogurt shop. I loved this because we saw real life tangible examples of marketing and I saw how the concepts applied.

The Marketing Minor really did enhance my career opportunities.  The program taught me how to market myself appropriately, how to dress for success, and what to say (and not to say) about myself on my resume and cover letters.

If you have a passion for this type of education, it will be an incredibly rewarding experience that I think will benefit you in the long run."

− Thomas Stoeser, Coaches Video Department Intern, Minnesota Vikings-NFL, Marketing Minor '12


Charlyn Ross

"I have worked for TEKsystems since I graduated.  In my Sales position, I apply what I learned in the minor – selling is about listening, knowing your audience, and branding your message in an enticing, persuasive way.  The Marketing minor was a perfect complement to my Communication major.  I gained insight into the business world.  I felt more knowledgeable about how Sales, Marketing, and Advertising all work together.

The best part of the marketing minor program was having a cohort program that created a sense of community.  It encouraged our group to get to know one another and become a team, all working toward the same goal of completing the capstone project.  Each team produced a product, built a brand, and created a marketing strategy.  This experience gave us a little taste of entrepreneurship, which was a lot of fun!

The Marketing Minor program is a fantastic program!  It’s worth it, and will undoubtedly prove to be useful in your professional career."

− Char Ross, Account Manager, Network Services at TEKsystems, Marketing Minor '10


Katlyn Piotrowski

"After graduating from the University of Arizona in May 2012, I had a summer Marketing/Promotions internship at CBS Radio - Phoenix. I then took a full time position at a Logistics company as an Account Manager and Sales Representative. I am now back in the Marketing industry, as a Media Buyer at Ivie and Associates in Dallas, TX.   The marketing minor opened up doors to many industries because it gave me credibility in the business world.

In the advertising class, we explored different avenues of marketing.  This opened my eyes to the opportunities in the industry and allowed me to develop skills that I have used in all of my positions - branding, strategy, creativity, and team work.

As a Communication major, I would recommend the Marketing minor.  Marketing is used to reach people and motivate them to take action, which is where Communication ties in.

The best part of the Marketing program was the final project that allowed us to work in teams and apply the knowledge that we had been accumulating all summer. It was gratifying to present a campaign to judges and peers.

It was an extremely rewarding summer and it didn't even feel like "summer school"- it felt like a step toward my career."

− Katlyn Piotrowski, Media Buyer at Ivie and Associates in Dallas, TX, Marketing Minor '12


Lauren Harrington

"I am definitely using the knowledge I gained during the Marketing Minor program to advance in my career in the corporate office of Fox Restaurant Concepts.  I have helped the Marketing department with creating marketing collateral for special events and participating in gift card meetings to discuss the best ways of reaching out to our guests during holiday promotions.   

I have recommended the Eller marketing minor program to others and it was just as successful for them as it was for me.  The best part about the program was definitely participating in the marketing competition.  It was fun getting to know the people in our group and establish long term friendships.  Seeing the ideas come to fruition was a great way to end the summer.  It was a few hard weeks, but it was all worth it in the end.

The marketing minor rounded out my education. I think the Marketing minor gives me an additional edge and will work to my benefit for future marketing positions."

− Lauren Harrington, Assistant to Sam Fox, Fox Restaurant Concepts, Scottsdale, AZ, Marketing Minor '12


"As part of the pilot marketing program at the Eller College of Management, I was fortunate enough to learn from top instructors, be surrounded by intelligent peers, and earn an incredible background in marketing. I have used the knowledge gained through this program in every position held, and was likely hired thanks in part to the marketing minor. Since then, all my positions held have been marketing related."

− Victoria Harben, Journalism Major, Marketing Minor '06


"The Marketing Minor was the best set of classes I have taken at the U of A. It was really enjoyable and a fun way to finish my minor and it was definitely worth giving up a summer for. The Marketing Minor will open up many doors for my future career."

− Stephanie Edwards, Marketing Minor '07


"Your guest lecturers provided a great insight into the real world of advertising and marketing. I gave Bruce Washburn, VP Sales Clear Channel Outdoor, my resume after his presentation on outdoor advertising and was subsequently hired as the new Account Executive. "

− Rome Loredo, Marketing Minor '10


"I wanted to specifically carry a minor that I knew would boost my chances of life-long success. The Marketing Minor offers real-world experiences that cannot be duplicated in any classroom setting. The structure employed by the professors is uniquely designed to provide an ample amount of marketing experience." 

− Russ Soza, Marketing Minor '12

"I am moving to SF to work at Meltwater as a Sales Development Representative and am very excited to join this company and continue to learn within the industry! As an English major I would never have had this opportunity without the help and advice from professors such as Jim Mclean. "

- Claire Stark, Marketing Minor '17



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