Course Requirements


Prerequisites do not need to be completed before you apply for the minor program, but all must be completed by the first day of the minor program. Complete one course from the following:

  • ECON 200 Principles of Economics (3) 
  • ACCT 200 Intro to Financial Accounting (3)
  • ACCT 250 Survey of Accounting (3) 

Required prerequisite:

  • BNAD 303 Marketing Concepts & Tools (3)  Offered during fall, winter, spring and pre-session.

Core Courses

MKTG 304 Marketing Information & Analysis

Marketing Information and Analytics (MKTG 304) is a course designed to give you an overview of an important topic in the field of Marketing: marketing research.
The course is designed to provide an overview of marketing research and its use in making effective marketing decisions. Because students are not typically training for careers in market research, the course emphasizes the analysis and interpretation of market research data for marketing decision making, and the design of research studies so that the results are both meaningful and valid. We will examine exploratory, descriptive and causal research and discuss analytical techniques currently popular with marketers. The emphasis in this course will be on interpretation.

2 credits

MKTG 306 Marketing & Human Behavior 

Marketing and Human Behavior (MKTG 306) is a course designed to give you an overview of an important topic in the field of Marketing: consumer behavior. We will take the perspective of a marketing manager who needs an understanding of consumers to develop, evaluate, and implement effective marketing strategies. Throughout this course we will learn to understand the role that consumption plays in society and how it affects us by examining a broad range of disciplines such as psychology, sociology and anthropology.  The objectives for this course include to: 1) develop a deeper understanding of consumers and consumption; 2) understand peoples’ consumption-related behaviors; 3) develop and evaluate marketing strategies intended to influences those behaviors, and 4) evaluate the role consumption plays in our society and our daily lives.  

2 credits

MKTG 307 Creative Advertising

This course is designed as an overview and introduction to the basic theory and practice of Creative Advertising with an emphasis on methods used by advertising professionals to enhance informational and persuasive communication. The course will give you an overview of advertising, defining target audiences, planning process, the creative process and reading the target audience through creative media and integrated marketing communications elements. You will be challenged to apply the principles you learn in class to current and real world advertising issues. As with any class, the knowledge that you take away from the class will be determined in large part by the degree to which you pursue an understanding of the materials covered. This includes reading the assigned materials, asking informed questions, and interacting with your peers as you prepare assignments.

2 credits

MKTG 308 Personal Selling

This course is designed as an overview and introduction to the basic principles of professional selling. The course will give you an overview of the behaviors necessary to personally persuade prospects to buy products, services, or ideas leading to the mutual satisfaction of the goals of both buyer and seller. There will also be an emphasis on how everyone sells. This includes selling yourself in an interview or selling your peers on where is the best place to meet after class. My instructional approach involves the use of participatory learning.  This means that I encourage high levels of student involvement both with me and your classmates.  You should always feel comfortable asking questions and making comments in my class.  It is also my responsibility to make coming to class worthwhile.  I do not read PowerPoint slides to you! Instead, my role in the classroom is to foster discussion and clarify the topics we are learning about so that you can apply them as needed for the assignments, examinations, role plays and your future studies or careers.

2 credits

MKTG 309 Marketing Communication Tools 

This is an introductory course in marketing communications.  It provides an overview and application of marketing communications principles and strategies.  Traditionally, the various promotional tools used by marketing practitioners (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling) have been treated individually and often not used in a coordinated effort.  IMC recognizes the value of a comprehensive communications plan that evaluates the strategic roles each of the various tools provide and then combines them to maximize clarity, consistency, maximum impact and improved efficiency.  Topics discussed include the communication process, objective and budget setting, advertising management, media planning, sales promotion, public relations, and other IMC tools which include packaging, personal selling, and trade shows.  The goal is to expose you to the variety of marketing communications concepts as they are used in a wide variety of settings, including consumer goods firms, manufacturing and service industries, small and large businesses. 

2 units

MKTG 310 Marketing Planning & Execution

This course is the capstone class for the Marketing Minor Summer Program, and is designed as a workshop to equip you with the knowledge and skills required for marketing planning and execution. You already know that in this summer marketing minor cohort you are supposed to work in groups to prepare a formal marketing plan, part of which you will be presenting at Breakfast of Champions. Other classes you have taken or are taking currently have equipped you with necessary knowledge for that project, but more often than not people find themselves at sea and overwhelmed when they actually set out to work on their marketing plan. This class will help you synthesize what you have learned throughout the marketing minor program, and shape/refine each part of your marketing plan as the class proceeds. Consider this class a guidance with which you can apply what you have learned in class to real-life marketing challenges (Breakfast of Champions being the most imminent one).

2 units

TOTAL: 18 units

Additional information on requirements:

  • Official Academic Program Requirements (APPR)
  • Attention: Other Majors or Minors using the same courses - Course Substitutions
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: IDS concentrations require 21 units. See the major advisor for marketing recommendations.


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