Faculty Directory

Edward Ackerley

Adjunct Instructor of Marketing, Communication and Film/Television

Areas of Expertise

  • Advertising
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
520.621.7479 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 330

Anil Agarwal

Adjunct Instructor

McClelland Hall 204

Merrie Brucks

Robert and Kathleen Eckert Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Psychology of Consumer Decision Making
  •  Buyer Knowledge and Expertise
  •  Marketing Communications
  •  Children's Responses to Advertising
520.621.3368 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320M

Bikram Ghosh

Associate Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytical models of marketing with a focus on firm pricing strategy and competition; models of endogenous search; models of limited consumer attentiveness
  • Effect of user generated review of products on firm competition and strategy
  • Social movements
520.626.3061 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320P

Mrinal Ghosh

Marketing Department Head
Soldwedel Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Inter-Organizational Relationships
  •  Product Form Choice
  •  Sales Force Design and Compensation
  •  Technology Marketing in Entrepreneurial Ventures
520.626.7353 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320U

Gautam Gowrisankaran

Arizona Public Service Professor of Economics
Director of Economics Graduate Studies

Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial Organization
  • Health Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Energy and Environmental Economics
520.621.2529 office
520.621.8450 fax
McClelland Hall 401HH

Jo-Jan Hardesty

Adjunct Lecturer in Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  • Applied Marketing Concepts & Tools
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
520.621.2548 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 330

Sidney J Levy

Coca-Cola Distinguished Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Doctoral Seminars
  •  Special Projects
520.626.2075 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 320G

Yong Liu

Professor of Marketing and Eller Professor

Areas of Expertise

Quantitative models of marketing, innovation and media strategies:

  • Innovation and business models
  • Social interactions and new media
  • Marketing strategies for media and cultural products, especially movie marketing
  • Competitive strategies for business and nonprofits
  • Firm strategies during product-harm crisis
520.621.9320 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320Q

Jim McLean

Adjunct Lecturer in Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Marketing Communications
  • Advertising
  • Promotion Management
  • Sports Marketing
520.621.2609 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 323

Jesper Nielsen

Associate Professor of Marketing
Joseph W. Newman Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  •  Consumer Psychology
  •  Emotion
  •  Learning
  •  Attention
  •  Nonconscious Processing
  •  Advertising
  •  Consumer welfare
520.621.4902 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 320S

Lisa D. Ordóñez

Vice Dean of Academic Programs
McClelland Professor of Management and Organizations
McClelland Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Judgment and decision making with applications to management and consumer behavior
  •  Ethical decision making
  •  Negative impact of goal setting systems
  •  Emotions and decision making
520.621.2238 office
520.626.7334 fax
McClelland Hall 417

Victor Piscitello

Lecturer in Marketing
Lecturer in Management and Organizations

Areas of Expertise

  • Sales Management
  • Budget Analysis
  • Personal Selling/Branding
  • Management: Leadership Development
  • Core Curriculum 
520.626.7011 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 322

Anastasiya Pocheptsova

Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise

Judgment and Decision Making, Emotions, Decision Fluency, Self-control

McClelland Hall 320Y

Sundaresan Ram

Lecturer of Marketing
520.252.4583 office


Martin Reimann

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science (by courtesy)

Areas of Expertise

  • Experience theory (risk judgments; health judgments; food judgments; aesthetic judgments)
  • Close relationships (interpersonal relationships; consumer–brand relationships)
  • Affect (desire; hope; curiosity; happiness)
  • Neurophysiological explanations of consumer behavior
  • Methods (behavioral experiments; functional MRI; response accuracy; data triangulation)
520.626.0993 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320R

Tirthankar Roy

Senior Lecturer of Marketing
Director, Master's Program in Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Marketing Strategy
  •  Pricing
  •  International Marketing
520.626.4186 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 324

Jennifer Savary

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  • Judgment & Decision Making
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Motivation & Goals
  • Self-Signaling
520.621.3519 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 320T

Hope Schau

Eller Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  • Value Co-creation
  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
520.626.2976 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland Hall 210L

Roberta Schultz

Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Faculty Director, Marketing Minor Program

Areas of Expertise

  •  Sales
  •  Sales management
  •  Generational imapact in sales arena
520.621.4124 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 325

Madhu Viswanathan

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Interfirm Relationships (B2B)
  •  Technology & Innovation
  •  Sales Force
  • Structural Models, Empirical Industrial Organizations
520.621.2885 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 320L

Melanie Wallendorf

McClelland Professor of Marketing
Professor of Sociology

Areas of Expertise

  •  Sociological aspects of consumer behavior
  •  Political ideology and consumption
  •  Socio-cultural embeddedness of price fairness
  •  Ethnic, gender, racial, and class differences in consumption and its meanings
  •  Socio-cultural embeddedness of youths' understanding of Smoking
520.621.1676 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 320K

Caleb Warren

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  • Humor
  • Symbolic Value
  • Goal Pursuit
520.626.3372 office
520.621.7483 fax

Nooshin Warren

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

Empirical Modeling/Marketing Strategy:

  • New product development & innovation
  • Firm/stock market communication strategies
  • Measuring the financial value of marketing actions and assets
  • The impact of top management on the effectiveness of marketing actions
520.626.2295 office
520.621.7483 fax