Program of Study

Program Expectations


Application Deadlines

International Students: December 15, 2017
Domestic Students: January 6, 2018

GMAT Dates + Locations

Pearson Professional Centers
5210 E. Williams Circle
Merrill Lynch Building, Ste. 722
Tucson, AZ  85711

UA Institution Code: 4832


  • 36 units of credit in the major field
  • 12 units of credit in the minor field
  • 18 units of dissertation credit
  • Research papers and presentations
  • Comprehensive exams

Additionally, students must:

  • Meet all requirements in a 10-year period (majority finish in 5 years)
  • Complete at least 6 semesters of full-time graduate study
  • Take at least 30 units through the UA
  1. Acquire and demonstrate a working knowledge of core literature in marketing and the core-disciplines
  2. Acquire and demonstrate an intellectual mastery of specialized sub-topics within these areas
  3. Acquire and demonstrate a working knowledge of current developments in these areas
  4. Acquire and demonstrate a solid foundation in the creation of theory, research design and methodology
  5. Exhibit competency and preparedness for the dissertation and, more generally, for conducting original, significant research
  6. Develop strong teaching skills

Degree Requirements

The Marketing doctoral program is interdisciplinary in nature and draws heavily from the fields of psychology, economics, management, sociology, and other behavioral sciences. A summary of the basic requirements and expectations appears below.

For a complete overview of the Doctor of Philosophy, please see the UA Graduate Catalog.



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