Doctoral Program Policies


Application Deadlines

International Students: December 15, 2017
Domestic Students: January 6, 2018

GMAT Dates + Locations

Pearson Professional Centers
5210 E. Williams Circle
Merrill Lynch Building, Ste. 722
Tucson, AZ  85711

UA Institution Code: 4832

The student has the primary responsibility for satisfying all requirements for the degree sought as per the Graduate Catalog, the policies of the Eller College of Management, and the Marketing Department. Supervisory committees will be formed to oversee all phases of the doctoral students program.

All doctoral student programs will be supervised by the Marketing Department Doctoral Studies Committee until the student has been advanced to candidacy status following completion of the written and oral preliminary examinations in both the major and the minor fields.

The major purpose of the Doctoral Studies Committee is to make preliminary assessments of the student's ability to work in the areas of initial interest and to stimulate the student to carefully evaluate his/her own interests and qualifications with respect to these areas. The committee will provide the preliminary counseling regarding course registration and will also advise the student of the requirements for the summer research project. This committee will also perform the formal periodic evaluations of the students progress.

Students should visit the Graduate College policies site regularly to ensure compliance with Graduate studies requirements, paying particular attention to "Degree Requirements." 

It is important students understand they must meet both the Marketing Department's Guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progress and comply with all Graduate College policies referenced above.

For additional information, please contact us.