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Marketing majors enter a wide variety of careers. They also enter general management trainee programs in many industries. More CEOs come from sales and marketing backgrounds than any other field, perhaps because these positions require a deep understanding of a firm's customers and the market environment in which it operates.

For marketing electives that match specific career paths, review the career matrix.



There are more opportunities in sales than in any other area of marketing. Sales positions vary greatly among companies. Some selling positions focus more on providing information; others emphasize locating potential customers, making presentations to committees, and closing the sale. Compensation, often salary plus commission, sets few limits on the amount of money a person can make and therefore offers great potential. Sales positions can be found in many organizations, including manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, insurance, real estate, financial services, and many other service businesses.

Sample Job Titles: Trainee, Real estate agent, Insurance Agent, Manufacturer Representative, Field salesperson, Sales manager, Securities salesperson


Public Relations

Public relations firms help create an image or a message for an individual or organization and communicate it effectively to a desired audience. All types of firms, profit and nonprofit organizations, individuals, and even countries employ public relations specialists. Communication skills, both written and oral, are critical for success in public relations.



Retail careers require many skills. Retail personnel may manage a sales force or other personnel, select and order merchandise, and be responsible for promotional activities, inventory control, store security, and accounting. Large retail stores have a variety of positions, including store or department manager, buyer, display designer, and catalog manager.

Sample Job Titles: Trainee, Chain Store Manager, Buyer, Department Store Manager



Many organizations employ advertising specialists. Advertising agencies are the largest employers; however, manufacturers, retailers, banks, radio and television stations, hospitals, and insurance agencies all have advertising departments. Creativity, artistic talent, and communication skills are a few of the attributes needed for a successful career in advertising. Account executives serve as a liaison between the advertising agency and the client. Account executives must have a good knowledge of business practices and possess excellent sales skills.

Sample Job Titles: Advertising Media Planner, Assistant Account Executive, Account Executive, Account Supervisor


Marketing Research

The most rapid growth in marketing careers is in marketing research. Marketing research firms, advertising agencies, universities, private firms, nonprofit organizations, and governments provide growing opportunities in marketing research. Researchers conduct industry research, advertising research, pricing and packaging research, new-product testing, and test-marketing. Researchers are involved in one or more stages of the research process, depending on the size of the organization conducting the research. Marketing research requires knowledge of statistics, data processing and analysis, psychology, and communication.

Sample Job Titles: Analyst, Project Director, Research Director


Product Management

Product managers coordinate all or most of the activities required to market a product. Thus, they need a general knowledge of all the aspects of marketing. Product managers are responsible for the successes and failures of a product and are compensated well for this responsibility. Most product managers have previous sales experience and skills in communication. The position of product manager is a major step in the career path of top-level marketing executives.

Sample Job Titles: Assistant Product Manager, Group Manager, Group Product Manager

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More Information

For more information about marketing careers, review Careers in Marketing, excerpt taken from Marketing, 4th Edition, by Lamb, Hair and McDaniel.

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