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Marketing is Everything.

Marketing is the revenue generating heart of the organization, so long as services and products exist, marketing professionals are necessary for the success of organizations. At the center of entrepreneurship, marketing professionals create product ideas, capture customers, deliver products and services, and communicate value both within and outside of their organizations. Those in the marketing industry create a bridge from the organization to the consumers for the fundamental purpose of creating value.


What's Your Dream Job?

Find your Dream Job Marketing Alumni have been placed across all industries, including technology, advertising, healthcare, retail, and more. 
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Many corporations such as Macy's, AT&T, and Altria recruit a several Eller Marketing students every semester.
Competitive Salaries There are several positions in the industry that offer additional incentives, including bonuses, commission, vacations, and more. Most entry-level positions start at a salary of $44,000.
Rapid Promotion Most Eller Marketing graduates will advance quickly in their careers including gaining leading roles in the industry within a few years of starting.
Fun Most marketing professionals say that no day is the same. Being constantly on the move and meeting new people daily creates an exciting work experience unlike any other field.


Student Career Resources

UA Career Services
Career Services at the University of Arizona offer a wide range of high quality services to respond to the changing needs, opportunities and constraints of the economy. Through partnerships with academic units, student services, employers and the Career Services office, the University of Arizona assures that all students are provided with the opportunity to realize their career potential.

Eller Professional Development Center
The Professional Development Center is an exclusive career resource designed specifically for Eller students. The PDC aims to prepare students for success by providing highly personalized services, such as career coaching, resume building and interview skills. 

Marketing Career Resources
Marketing majors enter a wide variety of careers.

Career Matrix
The Career Matrix describes the Marketing electives students can choose to help guide them towards their desired career path.

Hire Marketing Graduates

Recruit Eller Undergraduate Students
Marketing graduates are well prepared for the rigors and challenges of today's fast-paced work environment.

For additional opportunities to network with Marketing majors, please contact Samantha Sowerby at 520.626.0991. 


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