Undergraduate Program Courses

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MKTG 376 Marketing Analytics 

Marketing AnalyticsThis course deals with the concepts, methods, and applications of quantitative and statistical tools that are used by marketing decision makers.  These tools can be used to address marketing research questions and marketing issues such as competitive analysis, customer analysis, segmentation, positioning, new product design, marketing return on investment, sales performance, etc. 

Instructor: Roberta Schultz

MKTG 425 Advertising Management

Advertising ManagementAdvertising Management will highlight the management and development of effective advertising communications; needs and market identification; message creation, media selection, and measurement of results. This course is designed as an overview and introduction to the basic theory and practice of Advertising Management with an emphasis on methods used by advertising professionals to enhance informational and persuasive communication. The course will give you an overview of advertising, defining target audiences, planning process, the creative process and reaching the target audience through creative media executions. You will be challenged to apply the principles you learn in class to current and real world advertising issues. As with any class, the knowledge that you take away from the class will be determined in large part by the degree to which you pursue an understanding of the materials covered. This includes reading the assigned materials, asking informed questions, participating fully in the case studies and hands-­‐on activities, and interacting with your peers as you prepare assignments.

Instructor: Ed Ackerley

MKTG 426 Pricing & Channels

Pricing & ChannelsGreat products and services are supported by attractive advertising and distribution create value for the customer while effective pricing captures value for the company. Although pricing cannot fully compensate for poor product development, promotion and distribution, ineffective pricing can surely prevent those efforts from resulting in financial success. Many companies create great value for their customers yet fail to capture that value in their earnings due to lack of integration between their value creation activities and their pricing decisions. Experts say that for marketing strategists, pricing is the moment of truth. The purpose of this course is to equip you with the required expertise, this course covers theories, conceptual frameworks and analytical tools used to make effective pricing decisions. Pricing strategy of a company is constrained by its choice of "marketing channels and distribution systems" to deliver value. This course also examines key issues in designing and managing marketing channels to minimize channel conflict and maximize value capture.

Instructor: Tirthankar Roy

MKTG 428 Sales Communication

Sales CommunicationMKTG 428 is a course devoted to the principles and practices of professional selling.  The course covers both the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of selling.  The topic is viewed from its role within the promotional mix and as such has a marketing perspective which treats sales as a noble, ethical, and critical element to the success of the business enterprise. Course material is presented by way of text readings, lectures, videos, guest speakers, and a variety of in-class exercises.  At least one outside-the-classroom learning experience is planned—the Marketing Department’s Annual Sales Summit. (Please see below for date and time information.)

Instructor: Sam Williams

MKTG 430 Retail Marketing

Retail MarketingRetail Strategy addresses the marketing, management and competitive strategy issues that confront retail enterprises. Particular attention is given to the determinants of the profitability of high performance retailers. Major attention is given to strategic planning, competitive analysis, market selection and retail location, merchandise budgeting and control, and store layout and design. Finally, this course will help you develop your competences in integrative marketing thinking, cultural awareness, and information literacy and consequently help develop skills that can be used to enhance these competences. 

Instructor: Bikram Ghosh

MKTG 440 Marketing Research

Marketing ResearchThe goal of this course is to help you develop skills and knowledge that will empower you to succeed in the business world. Today’s business climate is exciting, challenging, and highly competitive. Whether you plan to work for a traditional firm, join a non-profit or start your own business, understanding your customer will likely be a key component of your success. The skills you develop in this course will enable you to obtain information you need to understand your customer and ultimately help you make better strategic marketing decisions.

Instructor: Jennifer Savary

MKTG 450 Buyer Behavior

Retail MarketingCustomer behavior and the application of concepts and research findings from the behavioral sciences in the solution of marketing problems.

Instructor: Melanie Wallendorf

MKTG 452 Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Integrated Marketing CommunicationIntegrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is an upper division marketing course.  It provides an overview and application of promotional principles and strategies.  Traditionally, the various promotional tools used by marketing practitioners (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling) have been treated individually and often not in a coordinated effort.  IMC recognizes the value of a comprehensive communications plan that evaluates the strategic roles each of the various tools provide and then combines them to provide clarity, consistency, maximum impact and improved efficiency.  Topics covered include Branding, Product Positioning, Research, Creative, Media, Public Relations, Sales Promotion, and Personal Selling.  The course will also include application of course material into an actual IMC project and its presentation to client management at the conclusion of the semester.

Instructor: Jim McLean

MKTG 454 Management of Sales Operations

Management of Sales OperationThis course is organized around the processes of front line sales management: Planning, Organizing, Hiring, Training, Measuring, Evaluating, Leading and Motivating.  The course will take you through each of these processes by means of lectures, case analyses, guest speakers and class discussions.

Instructor: Sam Williams

MKTG 459 Product Management

Product ManagementIn this course, you will learn about one of the most important components of the marketing mix – product management.  The course will cover product (services) strategy for achieving financial growth; evaluating opportunities; generating ideas; launching new offerings; managing the product (services) portfolio.

Topics will include career opportunities in this area, the steps companies take in new product development (NPD), the synthesis of this component with pricing, promotions and placement and the best practices in innovation for different product categories. Like the new product development process itself, this course will provide you with opportunities to showcase your creative talents in conjunction with your logical and analytical skills. The content will be covered through readings, lecture, and discussion. In addition, you will work in teams to carry out the steps of this process in a term-long project. 

Instructor: Roberta Schultz 

MKTG460 Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingThe proliferation of the internet, mobile, and other digital technologies has changed the nature of the marketplace and offered new opportunities for both consumers and marketers. The course will analyze how digital technologies have changed the marketplace and help students acquire the theoretical understanding and practical tools needed to build an effective digital marketing strategy. Specifically, the course will help students understand how the digital environment has changed consumer behavior, what features to include in a customer-friendly website, how to leverage search marketing and social media to attract customers, and how to assess the effectiveness of different digital marketing tactics. In order to develop these skills, students will be required to (a) complete assigned readings, (b) analyze case studies, (c) actively contribute to class discussions, (d) complete a final examination, and (e) develop and implement an actual digital marketing strategy as part of a group project. 

Instructor: Caleb Warren

MKTG 471 Marketing Policies & Operations 

Marketing Policies & OperationsSenior Capstone* An integrative, capstone course focusing on comprehensive marketing problems; development, control and auditing of marketing organizations and operations. This course is best taken in the final semester before graduation. Writing Emphasis Course. 


MKTG 480 Marketing Research for Entrepreneurs

Marketing Research for EntrepreneursConcepts and techniques of research for marketing decisions with a focus on new ventures and new product development.

Instructor: Yong Liu

MKTG 498 American Marketing Association Case Competition

AMA Case CompetitionThe Collegiate Chapters Council of the American Marketing Association (AMA) runs an annual International Collegiate Case Competition. The Case Competition is open to undergraduate students that are in good standing with The University of Arizona. The AMA Collegiate Case Competition is a yearlong event that brings together top students to work on a marketing challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The Case sponsor provides a detailed marketing problem for which it is looking to gain the perspective of AMA’s best students, who will compete by developing a marketing strategy in a nationally recognized competition.

Instructor: Bikram Ghosh