Recently Accepted and Published Research

 Current Students

Ignacio Luri


Luri, I., & Schau, H.J. (2017, Oct). I Speak Starbucks, Do You?: Distinction and Inclusion on Linguistic Brand Codes. Paper presented at the Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, CA.

Luri, I., & Schau, H.J. (2017, Oct). Follow the Code: The Impact of Linguistic Brand Codes on Brand Journeys. Paper presented at the Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, CA.

Schau, H.J. & Luri, I. (2017, Oct) Enhancing Wellness: Melding Humans and Objects with Common Purpose. Paper at the Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, CA.



Matt GodfreyGodfrey, D.M., Lusch, R.L. & Price, L.P. (2017, Feb). Institutional change in market(ing) systems: examining marketing organizations, functions, and channel structures form a system perspective. Paper presented at the annual Winter American Marketing Association Conference, Orlando, FL. 





Peng WangPeng Wang, Bikram Ghosh and Yong Liu (2016) "Contingency Selling Under Product Uncertainty and Service Capacity Constraint: A New Pricing Model with Applications to Sports Events"  2017 Winter AMA Conference






Kristen Lane

Lane, K., Savary, J., and Nielsen, J.H., (2017, October). When Ignorance is No Longer Bliss: Seeking Threatening Information about Self-Connected Brands. Paper presented at the Association of Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, California. 

Reimann, M., and Lane, K. (2016, August). “Happy Meal, Healthy Child? Reinforcing effects of toys on meal bundle choices,” paper presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention (APA Division 23), Denver, Colorado. 




Graduated Students 

Andrew Maciel

André F. Maciel and Melanie Wallendorf (2017), “Taste Engineering: An Extended Consumer Model of Cultural Competence Constitution,” Journal of Consumer Research 43 (February), 726-746.


     The Sidney J. Levy award was given to André F. Maciel in 2017 for this dissertation-based article.






Connell, Paul, Merrie Brucks, and Jesper Nielsen (2014),  “How Childhood Advertising Exposure Can Create Biased Product Evaluations that Persist into Adulthood,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (1), 119-134. 


Zhang, Jurui, Yong Liu and Yubo Chen (2015), “Social Learning in Networks of Friends versus Strangers,” Marketing Science, 34 (4, July-August): 573-589.

Liu, Yong, Robert E. Lusch, Yubo Chen and Jurui Zhang (forthcoming), “The Emergence of Innovation as a Social Process: Theoretical Exploration and Implications for Entrepreneurship and Innovation,” in S. Nambisan (ed.) Open Innovation, Ecosystems and Entrepreneurship: Issues and Perspectives, World Scientific Publishing.