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Check out our Marketing alumni profiles, which offer valuable insight on the Eller marketing experience and career development:


Evan SingerEvan Singer

My applied experiences from being on the NSAC team and the MKTG 425 project, where we won the National Marketing Competition for the Campaign that was created for the Honda Insight. All of these real experiences best prepared me for my professional career.
Dana ForsDana Fors

I knew I wanted to go into Advertising, the different student clubs that revolved around that industry were extremely helpful in preparing me for my future career. Clubs such as AAF, NSAC, AdCats and the MKTG 425 class project gave me great hands-on experience.
Tim LakeTim Lake

Getting Involved. Without a doubt my time with the American Marketing Association was incredibly valuable. Additional organizations such as Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations and FESO also provided valuable leadership skills.
Megan PulverMegan Pulver

Ask questions and get involved with the staff. Also, don't take the easy way and commit to any company that will hire you. Remember: Great risks come with GREAT rewards.

Kristen ShroyerKristen Shroyer

My Eller Marketing classes didn't just educate me on the subject, but really gave a realistic idea of that particular career field and what was involved with it. 

Greg RosboroughGreg Rosborough

I couldn’t hide behind tests scores and expect to succeed – I had to stand up, present confidently, and be prepared to debate. It tested me and made me think on my feet, and that pressure to perform has been hugely helpful at work.
Marisa LucasMarisa Lucas

I have so many fond memories of my interactions with these faculty members and others. They are all rooted in the valuable relationships I created in an effort to make the Eller College my home and the starting point of my career.
Daniel Shlossman Daniel Shlossman
Do everything in your power to gain work experience, both during the school year and in the summer. Use everything at your disposal within the Marketing Department and Eller, including opportunities to secure work experience.
Faham ZachariahFaham Zachariah

Marketing should be experienced in addition to being learned. You have so many opportunities to get involved with projects, groups and clubs, that will give you experience to make you a marketable candidate for employment. Get involved with clubs and get involved early.

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